best news ever: the exploration of the multiverse post blackest night by grant morrison in a title called multiversity. 2010 couldn't come soon enough.

morrison should be "crazy" and explore all 52 earths in a 52-issue miniseries. it wouldn't even have to tie together in one tight knit story. even just short stories focusing on different incarnations of character of each would would be awesome. i would buy weekly. he could even do a challengers of the unknown storyline again with characters going from earth to earth via the bleed and use booster gold since he seems to be pretty time/earth hoppy lately.

i would prefer they focus on the batman beyond earth briefly touched upon in 52. they could, also, do some kingdom come expansion. the tying together of superman of earth-22 (kingdom come), the jsa, and the legion allowed for a nice follow up to kingdom come and i want more! i usually refer to wikipedia's page on the 52 earths since it seems pretty accurate from what i've read since infinite crisis and 52.

my obsession with multiple earths and future settings stems from my hardcore comic book reading that started at the time of the release of dc one million, a story that showed the resurrection of the original superman and the corruption of a justice league patrolling our planets. i remember being so fascinated i read the same four issues and the secret files over and over. the marketing campaigns and ideas that i can think of now that would have benefitted that book...

multiversity should have a viral campaign focusing on travel to other earths. just an idea...that would probably work! i don't think it would take much to sell a book by grant morrison though.

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