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looking + girls

i'm also loving st. lucia in the trailer.


so excited for GIRLS

this trailer made me scream.
shoshana is too much to handle and my absolute favorite.


fave march 2014 marvel comics solicit covers

the colors!

i don't care for daredevil, but i do care for this cover.

very stealthy, moon knight.

so simple.

this looks like the sequel to tron.

is this for the mature readers line?


birthday burrito bowl

we threw anica a birthday party at chipotle.
it's the little things in life.


fave march 2014 dc comics solicit covers

 this isn't the most unique cover, but it's pretty cool.

amanda waller is pretty cool this month.

wonder woman as loki.


amazing trailer for spidey

i loved the hints at future villains including vulture and doctor octopus.
this spidey could be the next x-men franchise.
crossover? please.


beyond ready for january tv

girls will be back jan. 12.
i'm having major millennial tv withdrawal.


fave february 2014 dc comics solicit covers

loving this bat-sup team-up.

catbird. no. no. no.

loving earth 2 ladies.

classic flash run.

superman's costume doesn't look too silly on this one.


fave february 2014 marvel solicits covers

 this is basically every #1 teen team book cover ever.

that costume.


sorry, not sorry

i still really like the carrie diaries.


the best comics and graphic novels of 2013

my favorites are death of the family, saga vol. 2 and the all-new x-men vol. 1.

check them out!


more buffy

doesn't next season's cover look like an old buffy season promo shot?

like season 4...

it's basically look who is back for the next go around!



fave january 2014 marvel comics solicit covers

the colors.

every avenger ever?

see ya, ultimate universe.

plain sweet.

it's like a pulp movie cover or something and i'm obsessed.


best news ever

stephanie brown is coming back to the dc universe!


fave january 2014 dc comics solicit covers

bat villains > rogues.

if the new 52 adopts this batgirl costume, i'm done.

so new 52 bat and super families. where's nightwing?

this is creepy.

 just batman rising from the dead. haven't we seen this before?

loving the spectrum.


52 weeks of batman

sorry not sorry about this weekly miniseries announcement.
i loved 52.
 maybe this will bring stephanie brown back into the new 52.
comics alliance has a neat little article on the new batman weekly here.



i cannot recommend american horror story: coven enough.
i may have worn a witch hat to the viewing party we had.
jessica lange as fiona is perfect.

"don't make me drop a house on you"
the hollywood reporter has a preview of the upcoming season here.


oh hey, october

i can finally watch hocus pocus and not have to pretend it's halloween.


coven's main title

seriously i cannot wait for american horror story.
 this is by far the creepiest title they've done so far.
two weeks from tonight!


fave december 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

very house of m.

i don't know what is going on here, but it looks cool.

i loved loved loved wolverine origin so i am sure i will adore the sequel.

i can't not love a young avengers cover especially when it features the team.


netflix and i are best friends lately

seriously, skins volume 7. i watched the first two episodes on some shady website since i don't get e4. netflix getting the latest season of a british show two months after its aired is pretty AMAZING.


fave december 2013 dc comics solicit covers

this is eerie.

spliced batman and two-face?

all i want for christmas is a great future justice league book.

loving this reverse of the justice league #1 cover.

i don't support this book, but i do support a wonder woman/superman separation.