shoshanna + ray

my favorite girls season two moment.

thank god for hbo go early premiere.



you should not be surprised that i am beyond obsessed with the second season so far.



i absolutely love reading about pilots.
the hollywood reporter has a sweet little page for it here.
of course, i'm super stoked for SHIELD.
the new SHIELD facebook page is up here.
like it!


american horror story: asylum finale

the american horror story: asylum finale was incredible.
jessica lange was amazing as usual.
the three hundred storylines wrapped up just perfect.
lana winters is my new favorite lesbian heroine. batwoman is now second.

"if you look in the face of evil, evil's going to look right back at you."
i am so so so so obsessed with jessica lange.

read a little recap over at entertainment weekly and be ready for some spoilerz.


fave april 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

ripping through vintage issues is a big comic book collector no-no..

cyclops is cray as hell. good guy gone bad!

poor ff. loving how dark this cover is.

THANOS! perfect timing for avengers movie releases.

an all x-lady book. sign-me up.


the carrie diaries

HBO carrie bradshaw should slap CW carrie bradshaw. the carrie diaries was awful. i will obvi watch it and never miss another episode for the next six seasons.


fave april 2013 dc comics solicit covers

sweet bat shadow.

orion looks cray.

so i guess the the current green lantern story lines end well.


book of mormon obsession

i saw book of mormon last night with @reallydeely. so amazing.
i've been listening to the soundtrack all day.
"scary mormon hell" is the bestest.
so so so glad it came to chicago.


my skins replacement?

i want a british show to replace skins. my mad fat diary may or may not be it.


waiting for elder price

one week until book of mormon!
if only, elder price was andrew rannells.