nightmare on elm street

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

this looks way better than the that friday the 13th remake from last year.




glee is legit popular with songs.

i'm so glad ryan murphy was born.

what is the cw on?

the cw is out of control today. thankfully, there was the cancellation of "the beautiful life." however, we now have two more shows that are going to plummet in ratings: "fly girls" about flight attendants and a tinsley mortimer reality show.

why didn't "the body politic" get picked up?


why did the cancellation of the beautiful life take two weeks?

mischa, you're unemployed again.

where's the oc revival?


sweet december covers.

why did they do this?

the american public is getting more of:

1. one tree hill
2. the vampire diaries
3. melrose place

its still up in the air for: the beautiful life.

all three new shows were not interesting to me at all. one tree hill has lacked luster since season 1.

come on, cw, heather locklear isn't going to boost the ratings if your target is teens who were in kindergarten when the original aired.


new justice league line up revealed.

this beautifully laid out ad appeared in this week's DC books. i gotta say the only qualm i have with this line up is the guardian. i just don't like his character. i love that batman (dick grayson), donna troy, cyborg, and donna troy are growing up. its about time they stop being titans.


true blood season 3

the season 2 finale was a major disappointment...

i am still hyped for season 3 which should premiere next june. trueblood.net has some spoilers...

the weres get introduced this season including alcide and debbit pelt. we get to see more vampires including russell, the vampire kind of mississippi, hotshot (!!!!), the queen, and some more popular characters from the books.

looking forward to it? check out club dead. i don't know what that cover is...the original painted covers were much better and i included the one i favor here.

love it.

batgirl #5 cover
(via the source)

the bitch is back...

the new hills trailer:

take me back to this or count me out:


jl: crisis on two earths

justice league: crisis on two earths featuring the crime syndicate is going to be released on dvd in spring 2010. it looks like its going to feature the big 7. i love that martian manhunter is in his latest costume. i'm hoping aquaman isn't replaced by someone like hawkman.

want more info? check out comicvine.

been loving this column all month.

comics should be good! has been featuring a different hero each day with his/her "five most iconic covers" this month. here are three that i stronly agree with and always come to mind when i think of an iconic image of each of the characters.

nothing beats an image of supergirl by michael turner.

grant morrison's run on jla right after i started getting really engrossed in reading comic books made this cover of martian manhunter prominent in my image of the character since he is the most unfamiliar of the "big 7" in the jla.

joker and his laughing fish. i own two copies. don't be too jealous.


batgirl news brightens my day.

batman: reborn action figures were announced in toyfare yesterday. stephanie brown gets her first action figure! i am so excited!

new batgirl sketch by lee garbett. i think it looks rather militaristic which is very different from the sleek black costumes that the past batgirls have had.

sean galloway

i love his art...

the sean galloway deviantART gallery can be found here.


just promoting my obsession with skins.

brand equity survey on dc infinite heroes

i would greatly appreciate it if anyone who buys dc infinite heroes action figures take a brief survey i made for my brand equity class.

click here to take survey



hello, dc entertainment

it was announced yesterday that the wb has "created dc entertainment inc., a new company founded to fully realize the power and value of the dc comics brand and characters across all media and platforms."

life could not get much better after reading this, too:

“The founding of DC Entertainment fully recognizes our desire to provide both the DC properties and fans the type of content that is only possible through a concerted cross-company, multi-platform effort,” said Nelson. “DC Entertainment will help us to formally take the great working relationships between DC Comics and various Warner Bros. businesses to the next level in order to maximize every opportunity to bring DC’s unrivalled collection of titles and characters to life.”
here are 10 questions about dce.

let's hope that dc keeps their new logo and doesn't add an "e" to it.

i do love seeing all my favorite comic book properties in tv, movies and video games. this seems to be a good step in competing with disney/marvel.

top 5 things to do after an internship...

its coming up real fast for me!

interesting article with tips for interns...

i think most graduates are in this position right now and are going "what do i do now?"

compare & contrast: new batgirl costume

the new batgirl costume debuted the other day on the source. in my opinion, it is too much. its batgirl, not a combat warrior. make the costume slick, black and yellow- a classic barbara gordon. it is too reminiscent of the new nightwing and flamebird costumes with the padding. i think the start of this fad was the x-men movie trilogy. i am over this realistic looking if i were to battle crime with no superpowers look. please return stephanie brown to the classic black and yellow.

new batgirl costume:

jean grey in x-men:

nightwing & flamebird:

there is a great article about the new costume that can be found here.


forty kinds of sadness when you're gone.

so sad that this is the last season.
too excited to see how it all ends.


black lantern lex & a dead superman prime. i hope prime comes back as a black lantern who is in charge of them all. it would be incredible.


productive day...

i have the day off at my internship. love four day weekends.

so many goals for the day...
  1. stay up with any ads due at bg+h today.
  2. work on my freelance gig for akm honor society.
  3. work on my branding project for class
  4. apply for jobs.
  5. lunch with e.kinsk.
i can see this easily all being completed. perfect.


marvel & disney=bfflz.

i've been mia when it comes to blogging the past few days.

i woke up the other morning to my ubertwitter being covered in MARVEL ACQUIRED BY DISNEY.

i was amazed to see that since i really hadn't read anything at all about it but, i guess it was news to everyone. as long as it doesn't bother current storylines or throw certain characters to the back burner due to their origins, sexual preference, raunchiness, etc. I will continue reading marvel. i do hope that the merger allows for some new movies and animated features to come out that are geared towards a wider audience. i would love to see a pixar marvel movie...

newsarama has some great articles about the merger:

Closing the Gender Gap?

What the Merger Means to Comic Book Shops.

The Animated View.

10 Questions.


got my tickets

its the last day for $45 3-day passes to the first annual chicago comic & entertainment expo.

i'm the proud owner of a 3-day pass! i cannot wait!

"gifted" trailer

this looks incredible.