marvel & disney=bfflz.

i've been mia when it comes to blogging the past few days.

i woke up the other morning to my ubertwitter being covered in MARVEL ACQUIRED BY DISNEY.

i was amazed to see that since i really hadn't read anything at all about it but, i guess it was news to everyone. as long as it doesn't bother current storylines or throw certain characters to the back burner due to their origins, sexual preference, raunchiness, etc. I will continue reading marvel. i do hope that the merger allows for some new movies and animated features to come out that are geared towards a wider audience. i would love to see a pixar marvel movie...

newsarama has some great articles about the merger:

Closing the Gender Gap?

What the Merger Means to Comic Book Shops.

The Animated View.

10 Questions.

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