did you know?

we watched this in my internship class last week but, forgot to post it. its so interesting and super hard to believe.

i am currently nearing the end of summer semester with the hopes of finding a new apartment this week as opposed to moving back to schaumburg. i have two prospects one in wrigleyville and one in lincoln park. i am super excited to have my own place with lots of posters and sheik furniture. hopefully, i can find a place i can stay at for longer than a year!

i cannot wait.

my best friend showed this when we out this weekend. daybreakers is a vampire movie unlike any vampire premise. vampires are the dominant species. awesome.


the source just revealed the cover to adventure comics #3.

this picture should be called: world's finest and be hung in a gallery.

i highly doubt that red robin and superboy will take the mantle of their predecessors. if anything, red robin has a higher chance since dick won't be living forever. that could result in battle for the cowl: the sequel with tim versus damian. superman on the other hand isn't going to be dying as seen in dc one million. well alot has happened since that series so maybe the future changed.

it really doesn't matter because this cover is amazing.

i hope future teen titans issues reflect this cover with the inclusion of bart as kid flash/impulse or whatever he will be going by, cassie as wonder girl, and i prefer arrowette but that probably won't be happening. speedy and/or aquagirl would work for me, too.


andrew murray vineyards

in my integrated marketing communications class, we had to design ads and make a creative brief for andrew murray vineyards.

on the left is my magazine advertisement for the campaign. on my portfolio site are two other designs for an internet banner and an invite.

i wanted to create a branding of maroon, beige and black in order to reflect the distinct bottling of the wines. the images were taken from his website and the black label was edited in photoshop to remove the name of the wine. ideally, i would resize the black label and include the white slogan futher up near the logo. the tan would also have a marble look to it.


favorite september covers.

i love the use of the green on the cover of the first web issue. he almost looks like a spider-man villian.

batwoman reminds me of something noir or renaissance.

the above is firestorm vs firestorm in blackest night. great contrast.

batfamily team up. can't wait to see them battle a dead bruce wayne...?

i love pixie and i am so glad she is going to be in the dark avengers/uncanny x-men crossover.

dexter's baby

here is a promo shot for the next season of dexter! i cannot wait for this. the show only gets better season to season and i think it will continue again this season for sure!

nip/tuck is dunzo.

one of my all time favorite shows, nip/tuck, has been canceled. the last episode may not air until 2011 or not air...at all. super upsetting. i want to know how sean handles his lack of cancer horribly bad and his marriage to liz. also, i want to see famke back so bad!

this is one my favorite season finale montages...


buffy: the animated series? WHEN?

there is lots of talk about an animated buffy serieson perez, tvovermind (the link is gone), and io9.

please make sure it looks like the above and the vampires don't get green when they change forms. ok, thanks.

nyc prep

the past week, i have been up til ridiculous hours of the night due to midterms. just about every night the first episode of nyc prep has been on at like 2 am. it is seriously real life gossip girl. i have no clue how these kids' parents think that their lifestyle is okay.

this article from the gawker is out of control.

i cannot believe that the one school wrote a letter saying: "this is not the first time someone has presented skewed version of our world." i'm sorry did i read "our world?" is this a new world i am unaware of? pretty sure its just a school...

the school can say what it wants. i'm still watching. i wanna know who dies. drug overdose? partying so hard he/she fell off a roof? drama...yes please.

all the housewives can't live up to this show. its way better.

i love chicago

chicago is perfect today. it's sunny, not that humid, and very summer.

i was almost tempted to walk home from loyola's downtown campus this morning but, its kinda a far walk to lakeview.

i snapped this photo the other day on my b.berry of a true blood harley advertising. i think i talked about it on here. anyway, i wish i saw more of the true blood vampire parternship ads around town. i will have to keep my eye out for it.


why are people surprised?

captain america was going to come back alive eventually...why is it sucha big deal? characters always come back.

there are legit a billion media outlets have picked up the story. the full list at the time of the article is here.

black lanterns unite.

this can be defined as the greatest image known to man. it is my computer and blackberry wallpapers. literally everyone important that has ever died in the dcuniverse is back. one word: shitshow.

cover of the week

school is insanely busy this week. thank god that i am half way through the quarter. 5 more weeks to go of this insanity! i have a ton of updates that i will post tonight and this weekend...

i will start with my favorite comic book cover for the week...nice use of a color wheel. classic superman and batman poses. surrounded by the very elseworlds justice titans. perfect.


serialized wednesday comics

the serialization of wednesday comics by dc will allow a whole new audience to be exposed to comic books. superman was definitely a good pick for this since he is one of the most well-known characters due to his exposure to the masses over the past decades. in today's economy and due to the conversion of print to digital, this is the best way to get more readers to pick up comic books at their local comic book shops.

i might make new friends who read comic books due to this. that would be incredible...


i am obsessed with this cover for september's justice league: cry for justice. mauro cascioli did a great job. i wish there was a version of this with just green lantern. i love prometheus and i'm glad he is back!

sdcc hal jordan exclusive

this blackest night hal jordan action figure collection is a MUST buy. i will probably have to get it on ebay since i won't be able to attend san diego comic con. i will be attending chicago comic con as usual. i did volunteer to work this year! anyway, i wonder if the hal jordan collection directly reflects what is going on in the series this summer or just pure excitement for collectors. it doesn't matter to me...it will look great next to the other 8 figures. i will have one from each corp except the star sapphires so i will need to pick up one those figures from last year's collection!


i can't stop watching this. i am pro vampire.

i desperately want this AVL shirt from the HBO store.

i may have bid on two shirts on ebay since both were under 5 dollars. one says fangtasia and one says "god hates fangs." PERFECT. i hope i win!

vampire diaries looks lame.

seriously, the title says my opinion. this is a twilight (ew) / true blood rip off. they are solely trying to ride the vamp train.

melrose place preview

i wouldn't mind ashlee simpson singing the rest of the season as the show's music.

i would mind a continuity issue with riley if there is a crossover with 90210. riley must be an undercover cop if there is a crossover.

overall, i'm excited and it looks a little old for the cw but, i will watch it regardless.


more amazing trueblood advertising

the twitter accounts for the trueblood characters and news are up and running.

here is the list to follow them:


i don't know if these are real or fan created. i am leaning more towards fan created...actually, i'm not sure if bon temps gossip is real either. i say yes due to the branding in the top left corner. the below don't have that:


they update often and keep it interesting. it can only get better if there is a contest to be a cameo vampire.

trueblood vs trublood

i have about 100 pages left of dead and gone. i have read all nine books now with no interruption between each one. they have all been good with character development and do vary greatly from the tv show in terms of character involvement.

i have one thing to say about the latest book: i began reading book with a feeling of pure excitement. after reading the word: "trueblood," i immediately thought to myself that is not how it was spelled in past books. i went back to the eighth book and the synthetic blood drinked was spelled "trublood."

one word: marketing gimmick. you have upset a loyal fan and marketing student. that's just not cool. the only intention for the spelling change was so that readers buy into the tv show as well.

superman september previews

the september superman previews are up on newsarama.

it was inevitable with the return of superboy that his relationship with wonder girl would be rekindled. personally, i love it. the characters have both grown; wonder girl from a young awkward wig wearing girl with a crazy mother and superboy from a punk clone of superman and lex luthor with no name. hopefully, they stay together over the next coming years and become the superman/wonder woman relationship that never could happen due to superman and lois. i am pretty sure the "origins and omens" back up showed a pregnant girl. maybe its wonder girl. that would definitely make things interesting for the titans.

mourning supes & skeletal bats.

a major update is on the way. this week has been ridiculous with a research report due, a declining social life, busy-ness at my jobs, and class readings. i have a whole list of things to write about. i can't get my mind off true blood so most posts will obviously be about sookie!

above is an image of the final crisis hardcover from the source. i almost want to just buy the hardcover for the intro by jay babcock:

How old are we? We’re both 38. But in this moment I feel like I’m 12 years old, reading aloud from Crisis on Infinite Earths, riding home from an after-school trip to Comics Plus in Pomona, California with my eighth grade friends, courtesy of Kevin Kolodziej’s endlessly benevolent supermom. Or, closer, I’m 28, reading aloud to a college friend on the phone some fantastic captions from a worn-out back issue of New Gods (or was it Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s Best Friend? I can’t remember) I’d just found at Another World Comics in Eagle Rock, California, where the excited narrator is describing the Forever People, Jack Kirby’s cosmic techno-hippies who live harmoniously in a psychedelic tree village somewhere outside Metropolis….
i hope that describes my life when i'm 38 and reading comic books that still amaze me when i open them. i can only relate to the 12 years old statement and my crisis on infinite earths was dc one million which i still find astonishing to me to this day. it was an amazing story and concept that needs to be revisited.

well, its back to work for me. four short hours until the weekend!


more batgirl.

i have so many blog topics to discuss. its starting to turn into a running list in my head. apparently working 66 hours a week and going to school for 9 hours is cutting into my free time.

babs? cassandra? wendy? there is much debate about this. i think we all know i vote barbara.


hi charlie pace!

is charlie back for the last season?

maybe he is replacing the def. dead julia.

let's hope.


non-humans are forbidden

district 9 is all over the city now and i snagged this pic off the movie blog. i should start snapping my own pics with my blackberry but, i am always in a hurry to get somewhere.

i've seen district 9 posters on cta bus stops. since they're in the public, i always wonder if people who are unaware of what these viral campaigns are think they are completely crazy. i, however, think they are awesome and that they work for the sci fi genre the best. the sci fi genre has so many elements that can be easily conveyed into the mainstream as fiction yet they are depicted as part of our reality. the creation of these campaigns would be a sweet job to have.

batman and robin preview

the source posted the above image and of course, i freaked out. this is always the greatest page of a new series or a jump on point for a book. here is my personal analysis of this page of wonder that is laying out the new batman and robin book with dick and damian:

1. damian leaves dick. it was a given that it was going to happen due to their different views of the world which have been discussed already in interviews the past few weeks.

2. a new red hood debuts with a female counterpart. maybe bruce is behind the mask? maybe the sidekick is spoiler due to the fondness between bruce and stephanie?

3. batwoman vs batman. it had to happen eventually. a resurrected batman/batman ghost in the background...odd.

4. doctor hurt claiming wayne manor...clearly didn't die at the end of batman rip as expected.

5. barbara as batgirl...just kidding. that was me being delusional.

i have a new feeling this book is going to outdo the other new bat books.


random notes for today.

i have been behind in watching the news. i have alot to do at the moment with school.

the red circle semi-viral marketing campaign is live with newspaper headlines being posted on the dc source blog featuring fictional articles about each of the new heroes. its a nice idea that is being used to introduce new characters yet, it offers the familiarity of dc comics through the use of the daily planet as the header.

on a different note, anthony stewart head like myself will not be watching the new buffy remake by the kuzuis. i hope there are more people on that bandwagon.

lastly, this news is almost a month old. skins is one of my all time favorite shows ever and now, a movie and a novel are in the works. i hope they bring back some of the original cast. if you haven't seen skins, watch it. it outdoes any teen show that america has to offer. i will even give you the amazon link for the first season. the second season is better than the first so just watch both...now.

i have two weeks of reading to catch up on for sales force management, e-mails to read for class, and a book to order for another class. the night has clearly just begun.

true blood branding.

the font for the true blood type has changed from season 1 to season 2. i had noticed it on the posters but thought maybe it just for the print use. i came home tonight after class and began watching/worshiping my true blood season 1 dvd when i noticed the new font used again on the season cover.

personally, i like the appearance of the season 2 font with the wider "true" and the slim red "blood." the crooked and pulled text reminds me greatly of the text used in the opening credits which allow it to have a more southern mystery feel which is obviously what the books and television are going for.


gimme the batman wall.

this article drives me crazy.

i think my dream job is an editor at dc comics.

i immediately scrolled to the batgirl column. i was hoping that it would just say be a giant photo of barbara gordon. sadly, it has misfit, spoiler, and cassandra cain in that column, too. out of the three of those characters, i would have to say my only approval for batgirl would have to be spoiler. she was an awesome robin and has gained much depth as a character after the birth of her baby, up and down relationship with tim, assumption of the robin mantle, apparent death, and rebirth. her control of the batgirl mantle would be justified.

lafayette should stay dead.

in the recent spoiler chat, kristin hinted that lafayette of true blood presumably would stay dead as seen from his lack of presence in season 2 marketing collateral. let's hope this is true because i would be glad if alan ball was sticking to the books. however, an addition of sophie-anne and hadley a little early should be interesting.

while on the topic of true blood, i wish i saw this while i roamed the city. i saw this on the internet a few months ago (before i had this blog). i dream that this campaign be used in chicago. america might be too violent to have stakes provided. i am jealous of new zealand.
also, this week's spoiler chat was packed with useful information about true blood, weeds, mad men, and nip/tuck. i cannot wait to see vanessa redgrave back on nip/tuck come 2010. i will mourn the loss of nip/tuck after this season. famke janssen is back though as crazy incestual transexual ava moore. maybe she will be back to kill matt. that would not be a bad thing.

comic book recap

it was an exciting week in comic books.

gotham gazette: batman alive? was great. vicki vale is up to something with her little connection bulletin board. that should add some drama to upcoming storylines by trying to prove the secret identities of the batman family. the gala scene allowed the tension between barbara and dick to be seen as well as the immense scarring of poor tim.

the ad campaign associated with the upcoming batman and robin is pretty basic. i have only seen the internet banner ads for it. the use of the bright colors plays on the much discussed lighter feel of the book. batman (dick grayson) is going to be more sympathetic/calmer where robin (damian wayne) is going to be more intense/violent. it is a complete role reversal and i can't wait. in other news, a new world's finest is on its way for later in the year. i CANNOT wait for interaction between tim and kon-el. if they add in a moment of meeting between tim, kon-el, cassie, and bart...it would be perfect. classic teen titans.

the firing of dwayne mcduffie from jla is probably for the best. i haven't really been feeling the book lately. i prefer the big 7 and i know they are all busy in their own books dealing with the dead coming back(gl & flash), being dead (batman, aquaman, and martian manhunter), moving to a new planet (superman), or playing with manazons (wonder woman). i just don't care for the shadow cabinet, milestone, firestorm, dr. light, or vixen. sorry for the honesty.

a full work week starts tomorrow. yikes.