nyc prep

the past week, i have been up til ridiculous hours of the night due to midterms. just about every night the first episode of nyc prep has been on at like 2 am. it is seriously real life gossip girl. i have no clue how these kids' parents think that their lifestyle is okay.

this article from the gawker is out of control.

i cannot believe that the one school wrote a letter saying: "this is not the first time someone has presented skewed version of our world." i'm sorry did i read "our world?" is this a new world i am unaware of? pretty sure its just a school...

the school can say what it wants. i'm still watching. i wanna know who dies. drug overdose? partying so hard he/she fell off a roof? drama...yes please.

all the housewives can't live up to this show. its way better.

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