good bye, comicsalliance!


i am really going to miss comicsalliance. i loved art of the week. aol blows.

read an article about the shutdown of the newsite on the verge.


ryan murphy

i absolutely adore the televisions shows from ryan murphy. i was obsessed with popular in junior high and nip/tuck in high school. i still can't stop watching glee, american horror story and the new normal. this week, glee got renewed for two more seasons and i think most fans are hoping they move the show to new york to follow rachel, kurt, blaine and crew.

this is an older article from the new yorker on ryan murphy's style.

the campy tv world of ryan murphy

totes obsessed. great read.


some pre- new 52 action

i'm sorta loving the fact that dc comics is making the flashpoint storyline into a movie. it's probably the last time we see pre-new 52 stories run through the animated universe. what a bummer.

read more about the new movie over at newsarama.


animal control

i seriously died laughing during the animal control episode of parks and recreation.
click below to read some hilar monologue.


fave july 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

evil jean grey, part two.

loving this cover. a little retro ms. marvel.

 ladies in charge of monster killing. basically buffy 2.0.

 loving this.

spidey is obvi in charge here.


fave july 2013 dc comics solicit covers

this reminds me of the late 90s dc comics face covers.

great earth 2 cover.

sweet flash concept.

oh hey, john stewart.

she might as well be a robot. she has the worst character history. deprogram her.

the trinity war begins!


batgirl beyond

what a great costume design.
batgirl has some tude and i am loving it.