veronica mars + true blood

tina majorino was on last night's true blood. so much wit still.


dc comic new 52 survey

take this survey.
make sure you tell dc comics to go back to the old universe.


fave september 2012 marvel comics solicit covers

 it is about time they fight.

 who is inside that phoenix?!
a few instructions on how to become hawkeye.


some nights

the best song off the new fun. album and their new single.



midsommarfest was amazing. those are my jell-o shots. andersonville is the perf little neighborhood. so much fun.


fave september 2012 dc comics solicit covers

supes looks way cool.

batwoman's boot takes up the whole damn cover.


letz take all of the n32 52 books that were cancelled and put them in one book that no one is going to buy.

i am just too obsessed with earth 2. it's unhealthy.

oh hey new green lantern. a gun? oh no no no.

dc is going for a SHIELD like backstory. DUMB. they need to make waller fat.


call me maybe

i have a sick obsession with this song.
and jimmy fallon.


true blood preview

i can't get over tara. 
the premiere was awesome.
loving sookie and were-drama.


the phoenix five

i was not expecting the phoenix five ending.
good job, marvel.


gay green lantern

alan scott, green lantern of earth-2 is gay.
i love and hate it.