the first look at doctor strange

doctor strange is looking promising, but then again...does marvel ever fail us? 

ew has a look at a few other photos from the upcoming movie.


x-men: apocalypse trailer

this movie looks pretty cool, especially with the introduction of the younger mutants who were introduced as adults in the original movies leading the film.


fave march 2016 dc comics solicit covers

bruce is back.

the new bat-family has really grown on me especially now that stephanie is back as spoiler.

very cryptic.

parallax! maybe i should start reading the green lantern books again.


fave march 2016 marvel comics solicit covers

 spider-man got all global and cultured real fast...

very robert downey jr. 

this is like an 80s novel cover. love it.


civil war is coming

...and i can't wait! i wonder when spider-man will finally be revealed!

check out the incredible trailer:


dc's legends of tomorrow

can dc comics just make this tv show into a really awesome movie? 

“i’ve seen men of steel die and dark knights fall.”

more at av club.


75 years, 75 green lanterns

a pretty cool visual depiction of all of the versions of green lantern over the years!