a new justice league

STARGIRL! count me in. you don't have to tell me anything else.

read more about the new series at comic book resources.


happy birthday honey boo boo!

now go wish alana a very honey boo birthday!
let's remember that she is more successful than you at age 7.


superman and wonder woman sitting in a tree

dc comics, you're dumb.
you just want press and attention cause your books are sucking lately.
what would you even name their babies? donna troy? letz get real.


the observers are coming

fringe might be coming to a close and it will certainly go out with a bang. a time jump, marriage, etta and observers. best season ever?

i can't wait for sept. 28.


the final season of gossip girl

"i'm the crazy bitch around here." - blair waldorf.

this show needed to end two seasons ago.


fave november 2012 marvel comics solicit covers

 i'm loving this new x-squad.

woo! graduation. i'm really hoping that the avengers academy merges with young avengers. it would be pretty sweet.

miss thing...why?

 so so so so so pretty.

thanks for the seizure.

optical illusions.

this is like 1950s tv or something.


glee season four trailer

so far i hate unique and kate hudson. this season might suck. i do love blaine's little song.


fave november 2012 dc comics solicit covers

batgirl looks sweet.

themz teeth!

the joker is a creep.

just watching a nuke - no big.

the dc comics version of walking dead.

see you never, guy.

damian would do this.



this very sweet looking alphabat benefits the aurora victims relief fund.

get yours here.


marvel movies galore

while i am pretty psyched for all those marvel movies, i am really wanting a reboot of the fantastic four franchise that fits into the rest of the marvel universe. i pretty much just want a non-jessica alba invisible woman. she sucked at it.


spider-man through the years

marcos martin did an awesome job with these. see the large versions here.