random notes for today.

i have been behind in watching the news. i have alot to do at the moment with school.

the red circle semi-viral marketing campaign is live with newspaper headlines being posted on the dc source blog featuring fictional articles about each of the new heroes. its a nice idea that is being used to introduce new characters yet, it offers the familiarity of dc comics through the use of the daily planet as the header.

on a different note, anthony stewart head like myself will not be watching the new buffy remake by the kuzuis. i hope there are more people on that bandwagon.

lastly, this news is almost a month old. skins is one of my all time favorite shows ever and now, a movie and a novel are in the works. i hope they bring back some of the original cast. if you haven't seen skins, watch it. it outdoes any teen show that america has to offer. i will even give you the amazon link for the first season. the second season is better than the first so just watch both...now.

i have two weeks of reading to catch up on for sales force management, e-mails to read for class, and a book to order for another class. the night has clearly just begun.

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