andrew murray vineyards

in my integrated marketing communications class, we had to design ads and make a creative brief for andrew murray vineyards.

on the left is my magazine advertisement for the campaign. on my portfolio site are two other designs for an internet banner and an invite.

i wanted to create a branding of maroon, beige and black in order to reflect the distinct bottling of the wines. the images were taken from his website and the black label was edited in photoshop to remove the name of the wine. ideally, i would resize the black label and include the white slogan futher up near the logo. the tan would also have a marble look to it.



  1. Looks good! Maybe give 'Andrew Murray Vineyards' more pink space? it seems a little cramped and de-emphasized. Dunno about the marble texture because the grape texture is so strong . . . I would have to see it. Good use of maroon tho - a color that is hard to put into ads with out the message being overly feminine . . way to pull it off.

  2. thanks for comments, emily! i love your portfolio!