batman and robin preview

the source posted the above image and of course, i freaked out. this is always the greatest page of a new series or a jump on point for a book. here is my personal analysis of this page of wonder that is laying out the new batman and robin book with dick and damian:

1. damian leaves dick. it was a given that it was going to happen due to their different views of the world which have been discussed already in interviews the past few weeks.

2. a new red hood debuts with a female counterpart. maybe bruce is behind the mask? maybe the sidekick is spoiler due to the fondness between bruce and stephanie?

3. batwoman vs batman. it had to happen eventually. a resurrected batman/batman ghost in the background...odd.

4. doctor hurt claiming wayne manor...clearly didn't die at the end of batman rip as expected.

5. barbara as batgirl...just kidding. that was me being delusional.

i have a new feeling this book is going to outdo the other new bat books.

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