comic book recap

it was an exciting week in comic books.

gotham gazette: batman alive? was great. vicki vale is up to something with her little connection bulletin board. that should add some drama to upcoming storylines by trying to prove the secret identities of the batman family. the gala scene allowed the tension between barbara and dick to be seen as well as the immense scarring of poor tim.

the ad campaign associated with the upcoming batman and robin is pretty basic. i have only seen the internet banner ads for it. the use of the bright colors plays on the much discussed lighter feel of the book. batman (dick grayson) is going to be more sympathetic/calmer where robin (damian wayne) is going to be more intense/violent. it is a complete role reversal and i can't wait. in other news, a new world's finest is on its way for later in the year. i CANNOT wait for interaction between tim and kon-el. if they add in a moment of meeting between tim, kon-el, cassie, and bart...it would be perfect. classic teen titans.

the firing of dwayne mcduffie from jla is probably for the best. i haven't really been feeling the book lately. i prefer the big 7 and i know they are all busy in their own books dealing with the dead coming back(gl & flash), being dead (batman, aquaman, and martian manhunter), moving to a new planet (superman), or playing with manazons (wonder woman). i just don't care for the shadow cabinet, milestone, firestorm, dr. light, or vixen. sorry for the honesty.

a full work week starts tomorrow. yikes.

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