new shows i'm looking forward to so far.

hung...looks interesting. i don't think anything has been done like this before. i suppose i will give it a try.

glee...so much word of mouth about this show. it seriously is a more mature, offensive version of high school musical for television. i watched the first episode and it was amazing. i bought the two songs off itunes and keep listening to them as if they are the greatest songs ever...

melrose place...ok i love 90210 in turn i must love melrose place. i am not okay with the casting of undercover teacher girl as another character within the same 90210 franchise. i have read that it has been done before in the past but, i am simply not okay with it. it takes away from all realistic portrayl that the shows have left. it has been confirmed that a crossover for 90210 and melrose is possible. will they add an extra depth to the character of riley richmond who is really a cop named kimberly mcintyre, too? that would be an awesome plot twist.

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