true blood viral marketing

true blood has been going viral marketing crazy and i cannot explain how much i love it. my facebook status today was about how everytime i saw a new company ad that had to do with vampires i wanted to scream with excitement.

besides the viral ads, there are multiple websites set up for fictional happenings in the sookie-verse including the american vampire league, fellowship of the sun, tru blood, and bloodcopy. bloodcopy in my opinion is the best. i essentially want andrew's job...if vampires really existed and i was one who let the world know about them through youtube videos. the marketing team behind all the true blood online iniatitives are doing a GREAT job.

along with all the viral marketing ads, there are true blood posters throughout chicago. i smile every time i see one of these.

i do wish they had used the one below occasionally as opposed to the constant use of the sookie and bill one. the neck biting one grabs my eye like nothing else. after seeing the neck being bit, my eyes won't focus on the blood dropping anymore. i don't mind that.

june 14, 2009 should be sookie stackhouse day.

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