lafayette should stay dead.

in the recent spoiler chat, kristin hinted that lafayette of true blood presumably would stay dead as seen from his lack of presence in season 2 marketing collateral. let's hope this is true because i would be glad if alan ball was sticking to the books. however, an addition of sophie-anne and hadley a little early should be interesting.

while on the topic of true blood, i wish i saw this while i roamed the city. i saw this on the internet a few months ago (before i had this blog). i dream that this campaign be used in chicago. america might be too violent to have stakes provided. i am jealous of new zealand.
also, this week's spoiler chat was packed with useful information about true blood, weeds, mad men, and nip/tuck. i cannot wait to see vanessa redgrave back on nip/tuck come 2010. i will mourn the loss of nip/tuck after this season. famke janssen is back though as crazy incestual transexual ava moore. maybe she will be back to kill matt. that would not be a bad thing.

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