mourning supes & skeletal bats.

a major update is on the way. this week has been ridiculous with a research report due, a declining social life, busy-ness at my jobs, and class readings. i have a whole list of things to write about. i can't get my mind off true blood so most posts will obviously be about sookie!

above is an image of the final crisis hardcover from the source. i almost want to just buy the hardcover for the intro by jay babcock:

How old are we? We’re both 38. But in this moment I feel like I’m 12 years old, reading aloud from Crisis on Infinite Earths, riding home from an after-school trip to Comics Plus in Pomona, California with my eighth grade friends, courtesy of Kevin Kolodziej’s endlessly benevolent supermom. Or, closer, I’m 28, reading aloud to a college friend on the phone some fantastic captions from a worn-out back issue of New Gods (or was it Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s Best Friend? I can’t remember) I’d just found at Another World Comics in Eagle Rock, California, where the excited narrator is describing the Forever People, Jack Kirby’s cosmic techno-hippies who live harmoniously in a psychedelic tree village somewhere outside Metropolis….
i hope that describes my life when i'm 38 and reading comic books that still amaze me when i open them. i can only relate to the 12 years old statement and my crisis on infinite earths was dc one million which i still find astonishing to me to this day. it was an amazing story and concept that needs to be revisited.

well, its back to work for me. four short hours until the weekend!

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