matty collector exclusive

legion of superheroes in bruce timm fashion. gimme now...please. these are going to be uh-mazing. they are released via matty collector on may 15. an ad for action figures...i wonder where this is placed. i am sucha huge nerd and i've never seen it in wizard so it must be in kids' magazines. what about the big kids, mattel?

i am slightly addicted to the more obscure jlu figures or ones that have tie-ins from outside sources. i am craving the batman beyond three pack. words cannot describe my love for the batman beyond earth.

i should probably preorder this four set before it sells out...

mattel is dying for a sell out for their older jlu lines. on sale figures? i'm at target asap. they just have to be the ones that i don't have and do want! likeliness? slim to none.

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