letter columns in comic books

top cow is bringing back witchblade and the darkness letter columns in the back of their books. the comments that were left on the column summed up that readers missed these columns. i never cared for them. the year is 2009. most comic book fans follow writers, creators, artists, and anyone else involved in the comic book industry through facebook, myspace, and twitter. why wait a month to see if you get a printed comment when you can just instantly write and communicate on the internet and expect (if you're lucky) a response?

secondly, that extra page used for letters can be used for story, ads, or save the environment by just not existing. i am more partial to story. sorry, advertising world.

i should probably starting writing creators since my dream job would be anything imc related in the comic book industry. this will have to be when i am done watching last night's lost.

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