target bullseye bazaar

after finishing up my very last class for the semester this morning at nine a.m., i walked over to graham crackers for some comic books that came out yesterday. i picked up the new issues of: war of kings, trinity (not sure why i still buy this), world of new krypton, power girl, new mutants, flash: rebirth, run!, daredevil: noir, cable, buffy, and battle for the cowl: the network.

on the way home i hit up the much talked about target bullseye bazaar and snapped this shot outside. there was nothing appealing to me inside. it was more of a preview of what is coming up in terms of the vast array of target products with little emphasis on men's necessities besides some shirts. the pop up store allowed for much foot traffic and i'm sure high sales. it is a great marketing technique to use on michigan avenue for three days. i wonder how much the rent was for that. i'm jealous i didn't get to see any famous stars while i was in there!

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