vote the red cross!

facebook users (everyone alive pretty much now), click here now. plz. k. thx.

so easy to do and do it once every 24 hours.

please vote for the red cross on target's facebook page. target is donating $3 million to different organizations and the voters decide how it is divided up! the red cross is currently in the lead so, let's keep it that way!

my love for the red cross emerged after a thought provoking and incredible learning experience i had as an intern in the marketing communications department at the greater chicago chapter during my senior year. i vote daily for the national chapter on the target site and everyone should really. the red cross helps so many people each day across the country. don't believe me? check out the daily ticker on their website filled with information on the disasters in the chicago area. the chicago chapter has a blog, too, that is updated pretty often. so web 2.0! follow them.

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