monday & the upfronts.

i had my first day at my second summer internship, a communications firm in the west loop. it was the regular 9 to 5. i made some phone calls for an upcoming fall chicago expo. this is my fifth internship since last summer and while it may have been my first day, i don't understand how some people have bad experiences in any internships. every internship i have had everyone has been BEYOND friendly, welcoming, and happy. i'm glad i've been pleased with my internship choices!

i had my first night of graduate school classes for the summer quarter. tonight's class was an experiential learning class on preparing the 5-year masters students for the working world. while i originally had a not so optimistic view of the class, we had alot of hands on networking and introductions today that made the class atmosphere very welcoming and created a comfortable setting thanks to the teacher. at least, i will have something to look forward to on my monday nights.

the upfronts for fox were today. as an eager wanna be advertising professional, my dream is to go to the upfronts for a company. watching tv shows four months early and judging them? count me in. i'm looking forward to glee, a musical dramedy, and the human target, another dc comics tv show. i follow the live feed all day via my blackberry google reader. i can't wait for the cw and abc upfronts! they're my main networks.

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