dc comics august picks

its dc comics august solicitation day! score! here are my picks for what i am most excited for:

1. anything and everything blackest night. i am particularly fond of these two covers. i think the current list of resurrected heroes as black lanterns includes alexander luthor, terra, superman of earth-2, aquaman, firestorm, elongated man and his wife, martian manhunter, all the dead green lanterns, and some dead titans. please come out now? ok thanks.

2. these weird little green lantern & sinestro figures. they look deformed and apparently are some new blammoids! i dono about them...their slogan is "too tough to call small – you’ll want to collect them all!" umm pokemon take much?

3. a stargirl dc direct action figure? i am going to find a pre-order website...right NOW. i used caps this must be serious. courtney whitmore has been my favorite jsa-er since stars & s.t.r.i.p.e. which i read religiously. great series.

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