my first day as a semi real person.

i had my first day today at the first of two summer internships i've accepted. i am working the classic nine to five on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays at a dinner cruise company located on navy pier. i woke up really early and used my brand new chicago card plus to take the 151 down michigan. i need to get used to paying for riding the cta. the u-pass has been a savior the past four years with unlimited rides for a semester for like $86. it's $86 per month with the chicago card plus. what a joke. i had an amazing first day there working on social media and finding advertising rates. i walked out at 5 p.m. with a smile on my face knowing that summer 2009 was going to be a great summer where i was going to learn a ton about marketing.

another great start to my day was an e-mail from chris grant, the president of the core group, the art studio responsible for the woodfield ad campaign illustrations. he came across my blog and kindly provided me with a compliment about my portfolio and luck towards the future. thanks again, mr. grant!

i really didn't pay that much attention towards the news today or any of my feeds. i did come across this article on the pick up of the human target. finally, a dc comics show that is not smallville. right after work, i headed over to amy's apartment where i'm subletting for june and july to give her aloe vera since the tanning bed made her resemble a lobster. since chicago is beautiful tonight, i decided to walk from lakeview to my gold coast apartment along clark street. it was a great walk where i got to clear my head and people watch. perfect.

i work again tomorrow and am having dinner with my aunt and cousin at beppo's. its also comic book wednesday. the best day of the week, every week. i'll update tomorrow night about my comic book purchases.

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