x-men origins: wolverine

i ended up seeing "x-men origins: wolverine" on thursday at midnight. it was an interesting movie to say the least. it seems to be getting decent reviews from the media and its ticket sales met "iron man." i'm sure there will be a sequel since iron man already is in production. hopefully, the sequel incorporates captain america or black widow in order to tie the x-men movies with the upcoming marvel movies. i love when they show the connections between the movies since it gives them more depth in terms of the comic book universe from which they are set.

i understand that comic book movies have to be modified in order for it to be more open to general audience but, it irks me each time i see one. it's always the small details though. of course, "wolverine" was no exception. emma frost and silverfox are sisters, deadpool and weapon xi are the same character, and countless other minor details that only resonate with comic book fans. i do, however, enjoying the minor characters on the screen. i would have liked to see how the baby storm would have been incorporated into the film since the scene in the trailer was cut from the final version of the movie. they would have needed to explain how storm was significantly younger than cyclops. the could have cut it due to that continuity flaw. regardless, professor x's cameo was perfect. it may be the tie to the x-men: first class movie that is set to come out in the future. i wouldn't mind seeing those kids as the film's mutants.

overall, go see "x-men origins: wolverine."

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