red robin #3

with school finishing up this past week and countless projects due, i have been slowly reading through my feeds and playing catch up with all things comic book. i haven't even had the opportunity to read last week's comic books which is a pretty rare occurrence.

i saw this cover to red robin# 3 the other day on as my constantly cited favorite, dcu: the source. it has to be dc comics' greatest use of social media. here are my current ideas as to who will wear what cowl post battle for the cowl:

-batman: dick grayson (he was the first robin & trained his whole life to fill in for batman)
-robin: damian wayne (obvious from batman & robin banner ads)
-red robin: tim drake (best robin ever)
-batgirl: barbara gordon.

as seen from this visiting of the grave of bruce wayne, it alludes that the visitor is red robin from the shadow. with the inclusion of the woman on the right, i would presume its stephanie brown (the spoiler), another back from the dead superhero.

i cannot get over the grim composition through the use of the skull extending in the trees to symbolize batman's death and the use of limited colors in this cover. i've always been a fan of covers depicting death since it allows superheroes to reach an all new level. the fact that red robin is dropping the cowl onto the grave might mean that he is done searching out bruce since the entire series' premise is that he doesn't believe bruce is dead. obviously, he's not from the depiction of him at the end of final crisis back in prehistoric time (?).

one of my favorite things about this cover: the squared to a point legs of the female character. classic bruce timm.

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