happy star wars day!

it's "star wars" day so may the fourth be with you!

i really got into "star wars" before the release of episode I since i was a freshman in high school and the action figures were the coolest thing ever. after becoming entirely engrossed in "star wars" after that, i made sure i was at the midnight toys'r'us releases before the next two movies debuted. i always ended up getting the entire figure collections for the movies. my high school wallet loved that...

last week, disney released new posters to promote 2009 star wars weekends amongst employees. the official star wars website has a slide show of the past posters as well as the images of the four new posters for this year's event. my favorite for this year is the darth vader one. what a great idea. darth vader would never stand in line though to meet his son...let's be serious. after taking a view at the slide show, the 2006 campaign with queen amidala...amazing. i might just be drawn to the character since she is played by natalie portman who is a great actress as seen by "garden state," "anywhere but here," "closer," and countless others. the character defined a strong feminine role through the entire prequel trilogy. i always loved the backstories of characters and the origin of luke and leia's mother was well done in the prequel trilogy. the story helped to show the love story behind anakin and padme from his days as a slave and her title of queen followed by their iconic love story to anakin's role as the strongest jedi and padme's role as a strong political force to his demise, her death, and the birth of the next generation of jedi.

i know my evening will include some "star wars" movies.

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