omgz batgirl

this just showed up on my facebook feed from the dcu: the source blog. i am working right now at the luc student union and almost screamed with excitement. if i had screamed, i would have disrupted no one since it's monday morning after finals and there is no on here. wait, maybe should i scream because i am literally so excited right now.

batgirl #1 comes out in august. my guess is barbara gordon is behind that mask. battle for the cowl shook everything up and oracle: the cure better put barbara behind the mask as batgirl once again. the stitches allude to cassandra cain or even huntress but, this has to be barbara gordon. dc comics has announced multiple times that they are returning characters to their original roots as seen by barry allen and hal jordan. i hope this is true for batgirl, too! i am an avid collector of batgirl action figures and i will only purchase figures with batgirl as barbara gordon since she is the classic inception of the character. how soon is august?

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