this is just WRONG.

i have been super busy with work this past long weekend. i have many blog topics i plan on writing about tomorrow night. i am currently semi hyped up on coffee after a long day so i browsed my rss feeds.

this article infuriated me about a buffy remake. really kuzui? you cannot just RUIN the buffy-verse. find something else to write about? get a new profession? consult with joss whedon? try not to ruin buffy? thanks for listening to me.

the latest results of a fan poll by kristin furthers the lack of fan support:

85.3% No, I am enraged at the shameless corporate exploitation of Joss Whedon's art.

poor buffy being ruined for another generation. read the comic books. it is a great continuation of buffy after the hellmouth closed. i eagerly await the new issue each month.

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