the teen titans and death.

newsarama recently had an article about the teen titans and death. while they have a history of dying in the dcu, they always seem to come back as seen by the recent resurrections of superboy and kid flash after the crisis.

in august, it looks like another titan will fall as seen by the cover. hopefully, it will be a useless character like kid devil or whatever he goes by now that he is powerless. the titans need to revert back to the main 5 predecessors that started the teen titans. the development over the years of the background of the current titans has allowed the teens to have depth to their personalities that started in young justice and continues into teen titans today. this ideal team would consist of: robin/red robin (i am 100% sure that tim drake is the new red robin. damian is too immature and unconnected to the titans to be a member. dick/batman needs to train him), superboy, kid flash, wonder girl, and speedy. while speedy left the green arrow/black canary series recently, she could be replaced on my ideal titans team by the reintroduction of arrowette. they have similar names and inspirations but, they differ greatly. i am a huge fan of the young justice series since i was about their age when the series was released.

clearly, i have grown up with the current incarnation of the teen titans. i should be an honorary member like wendy and marvin. i would make my character their advertising guru. i would assure wonder girl that the team would be viewed as respected members of the super hero community.

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