finally caught up on the finales

i have been so busy lately with school that i didn't have the opportunity to watch the season finales of 90210, gossip girl, smallville, or fringe until the other day. i guess all i can say is i am obsessed with all four finales.

90210 had so much going on. i am not sure where the silver and ethan love fest was going or why it started before he left but, it was very random. despite all spoiler sites saying that ethan does not die as part of his departure, i am convinced he is the person that was hit by annie.

gossip girl had better not ever reveal who gossip girl is...ever. georgina should join the cast in order to stir up constant trouble.

smallville is incredible. character foreshadowing makes my day. choloe sullivan cannot ever be an oracle character. it will seriously upset me. i love you, barbara gordon, and chloe will never replace your role of information specialist to superheroes.

fringe introduces alternate realities, william bell and the death of our world's peter. can we say greatest finale ever?

season premieres, please come sooner. yes, i am talking to inatimate events.

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