today's comic book buys

after a great second day at my new internship, i walked over to graham crackers in the loop. i picked up the new issues of action comics, green lantern corps, escape, young avengers, booster gold, azrael, trinity, ultimate spider-man, titans, wolverine, the unwritten, and oracle.

my favorite cover this week was green lantern corps. the cover is just mass chaos with kyle and guy dominating it. all the corps are in the background and it seems like a nice prelude cover to the upcoming summer event

i began reading oracle: the cure on the 146 going home. another cta rider sat down next to me and said, "i am about to read that, too!" we became instant friends and discussed the likeliness of barbara gordon becoming the new batgirl. he hoped as much as i did that she gets her title back and the ability to walk. this would be a dream come true.

on a different note, i am embarrassed to say i am hooked to this show. i can't even say the name and i blame barrett for sending me the hulu link.

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