my mom loves me.

i headed out to schaumburg this morning since i was working at my retail job today since my communications firm internship doesn't start til next week. my mom aka momo asked if i needed anything for when i head back down to the city to my apartment. my answer: of course i do.

the many things i needed included action figures: two discounted mattel 3 pack figures at target (lex luthor pack & starfire pack), the alexander luthor dc infinite heroes figure, and the star trek 3' 3/4'' kirk, spock, and old spock figures. i, also, got two x-men: evolution dvds that were $5.50 each also known as the best deal ever.

i'm a kid at heart. what can i say? i think i'm just such a giant nerd that anything comic book related draws me in.

i would talk about advertising but, the only ads i saw today were in store advertisements that i see every week.

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