an introduction

i've decided to start a blog dealing with integrated marketing communications with an emphasis on social media and viral marketing. it pretty much is inspired from my advertising and public relations capstone project topic on integrated marketing communications in the comic book industry. i will focus most articles, images, and videos i post on the entertainment industry including television, movies, and comic books.

a little about comic books...

my passion for comic books began when i was around 8 years old when i ran across two wrigley's gum boxes packed with my dad's old comic books while cleaning the attic. i immediately developed a love for the superheroes of DC Comics. after becoming attached to the medium, i began to visit local comic book stores every wednesday to pick up new issues of comic books that my dad had collected. i am now twenty one and my comic book addiction is still in full swing.

for the next few days, i will introduce myself, skills, tastes, and experiences in the field of marketing communications.

this collection of lantern corps images was fed through my facebook feed. my favorite image of the mysterious black lantern corps is on the right. it looks like more than just aquaman, superman of earth-2, and martian manhunter will be back from the dead. i cannot wait for july 15, 2009!

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