woodfield mall

woodfield mall...i used to live for it in high school since its the centerpiece of schaumburg. i guess my more economic side has in the past few years pulled me away from going to the mall and spending money on unneeded clothes when i have a closet packed with clothing. however, i did have to go there this morning for my senior graduation picture.

the mall had an advertising campaign with about six figures that shaped the identities of different woodfield customers. it was interesting and it had my eye since the figures were modern cartoon characters each with their own personality. the artisit clearly used illustrator. obsessed. it was funny since my mom told me about it and i had no idea. i looked up the article from a few weeks ago. it has no images! after a little more searching, i ran across a quiz to determine which "woodfield persona" you are. it has some images, too. i took the quiz and ended up being ben, the tech friendly classy dresser. it definitely defines me.

guess woodfield mall needs some shoppers in our great economy. thanks for the suggestion as to what stores i might like...

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