google made me smile last week

i have lacked any updates for the past week! what a bad blogger. i clearly am not practicing what i will be preaching to my internship class tonight about blogging. i do have an excuse which is that last week was finals week. valid? i would think so.

i will be updating starting today about san diego comic con! there was a ton of exciting news about the latest comic books, action figures, tv shows, and movies that came out of the 40th annual event. i wish i could have gone but, i got chicago comic con in two weeks. no travel expense means alot more money can be spent on merchandise!

anyway in terms of my header, i went on google last week while at work and nearly screamed. the google.com search image was of dc comics superheroes. when i opened my igoogle, i had the option to change my theme to blackest night. PERFECT. newsarama had an informative interview with paul levitz today about the dc comics/google partnership.

what a way to get the word out about comic con?!

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