blackest night is here!

today is the day! blackest night is out and i immediately read it after getting it. it was unbelievably good. the story telling reminded me of identity crisis which was a great read. the deaths at the end better not be some big play for reincarnation. i can't wait to see where the whole story is going to go. i wonder if the black lanterns will stay alive post blackest night. i expected the black lanterns to be a bit darker but, i suppose it was just ralph dibny's sense of humor. overall, a+.

wait, when did aquaman die? i am pretty sure every important atlantean is dead except tempest. i love seeing him back in action after such a long hiatus.

i can't wait to find out about the indigo tribe. what are their powers?!

dc created a mini-site for blackest night which is pretty decent. i recommend checking out the corps bios. super informational!

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