dcu 2010: a week in review

the source was out of control (OOC) this week with updates about the major events in 2010. here's a rundown with some thoughts:

it looks like there will definitely be a "white lantern" on its way with the conclusion of blackest night. i'm really interested in this biweekly series. i hope it really does encompass more than the green lantern characters.

oh bruce wayne. i really don't understand why your comeback book looks so similar to captain america: reborn. his time period costumes are going to be ridiculous.

the birds of prey are back! this used to be one of my favorite titles until its cancellation. i have always been barbara's biggest fan and she is the center of this book. i'm trying to determine who the shadowed figure is in the back. misfit? batgirl? i think stephanie could learn alot from these super ladies.

the original legion of super-heroes returns after their storyline with superman in spring. i'm glad a legion book is back on the market. its such a neat concept and there's so much foreshadowing that can be done in the present time that can be seen later in the 31st century.

 deathstroke leading a group of titans is weird. like is this going to restart the numbering on the titans book? it didn't even reach 25 issues. the entire run so far has been an emotional mess. of course, chesire is on the team since roy harper is the center of dcu 2010 for whatever reason. i'm very indifferent on this new direction.

 oh hey barry allen hey. love you, love your speed force circa 1985.

another milestone character, the fox, gets some comic coverage. sadly, i dropped the web and shield books. its really not doing anything for me. i looked over some reports on sales, too, and it doesn't look like anyone is reading them.

games is only like 20 years in the works. it better live up to the hype. i love the 1980's costumes.

oh ya know the JLA & JSA teaming up as usual. i've been wondering who the light figure is in the middle. maybe starfire? shes a wreck lately. maybe she becomes something like the phoenix.

the JLI is back, too. i'm wondering if they're going to bring in the new blue beetle. only half of their team is dead. they may need some new quirky members.

its all about the arrow family in 2010. i really love these three connecting covers. its already been revealed that roy gets a supercharged prosthetic arm. i hope he goes crazy on prometheus at some point. it looks like conner will be included in the little family gathering. i wonder if mia will be.

this has to be the most unexpected reveal of the week and it seems as if dc thinks its their greatest: a weekly book set in the universe of the dcuo mmorpg. all i'm saying is if the first issue sucks, i'm saving my $2.99 for the next 51 weeks. this universe better have a number designation within the 52 universes. if not, i'm going to question the need for infinite crisis.

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