decade lists

everyone is producing decade lists and/or list for 2009. i am slightly obsessed with reading every single one i come across when its related to tv, movies or comic books.

michael ausiello's best in show in '09
ken tucker's 10 best tv shows in 2009

newsarama's ongoing series of 2009 [i voted green lantern.]
newsarama's cover of 2009 [i voted flash.]
newsarama's limited series of 2009 [i voted blackest night, seriously who would vote rebirth over it?]
newsarama's favorite writer of 2009 [i voted johns. very hard decision since morrision is my other fave.]
newsarama's favorite artist of 2009 [i voted j.h. williams III. i have a green lantern bias.]
newsarama's 10 in the new year [nemesis looks awesome!]
robot 6's 50 best covers of 2009 [its like a review of the past year of heavenly covers]
robot 6's 30 most important comics of the decade part 1 and 2 [hard to believe that 2001 was like 9 years ago]

what would toto watch?'s worst films of 2009 [thankfully, i haven't wasted my time on any of those.]
the movie blog's 10 most anticipated films of 2010 [iron man 2!]
screen rant's top 10 movie movie moments of the decade [avatar, yes.]

i really have to agree with most lists. a little breakdown for 2009 from myself:

best tv shows: glee, true bloodunited states of tara
best movies: up in the air & avatar
best comic books: blackest night & flash: rebirth
best superhero: batwoman

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