loving the source this week

i am way behind in blogging this week due to midterms week which is also the last week before winter break. loyola has the graduate school of business on this weird schedule for winter quarter where its five weeks of classes then five weeks of break then five weeks of the same classes! its very high school. i don't know if i'm going to like that very much. regardless...


the wonderful blog editors behind the source have been putting out information about the big dcu events in 2010...

the first announcement was earth one origin stories about batman and superman in ongoing graphic novel formats. its clearly for new readers since its origin stories on a new earth. this new earth one seems very ultimate comics-esque which is really convenient for new comic book readers. its a way to market to new readers that don't need to be aware of all the latest happenings in the dcu. i hope the price tag is around $3.99. no one is going to start reading a series at $4.99.

the second announcement was war of superman. it looks like a superman version of a large blackest night event, much like all the other iconic character limited series lately. i do love these series since they can change the direction for characters and allow them to diversify storylines. i'm not sure if it can out do blackest night.

the third announcement was that wonder woman was going back to her classic numbering at #600. honestly, i don't care. i haven't been a huge fan of the wonder woman books lately.

the fourth announcement was the return of bruce wayne! i am REALLY excited for this but, i do love the current direction of the bat books. by the way, batgirl today was AMAZING. there's alot of stephanie brown hatred going around that i don't agree with. the dialogue between damian and stephanie was really creative and interesting, too.

the fifth announcement was the addition of andy clarke on batman & robin. if you click the link, you can see all the sketches. i highly recommend.

i can't wait to see what else is announced this week!

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