my tv series survival status report

i love these reports on what will most likely stay and what will most likely be canceled each season.

i couldn't agree more with the the live feed.

in terms of what i watch:

  • heroes isn't as good as it used to be. there is a main character death coming up but, i think they have something along the lines of that each season. as usual, it will draw viewers.
  • the jay leno show is pretty much the tonight show at a different time. it really can't get but much better than that and i am pretty much obsessed with conan o'brien.
  • glee will stick around because its all people talk about and it has a full season order.
  • fringe is pretty good still. i love alternate universe theories and mutations. its very x-men.
  • cougartown was picked up for the season. i must admit i love a show that is targeted to forty year old women.
  • i liked flashforward. i just need to watch the past two episodes. its very lost-ish.
  • desperate housewives gets better each episode. there is a similar formula to each season but, it doesn't get old.
  • gossip girl cannot be described in words due to how amazing it is.
  • 90210 is very cheesy and i often ponder why i watch.
  • melrose place is starting to get better than 90210. i can't handle that ashlee simpson-wentz is a complete psycho and the sweet med student is a prostitute working for kimber. i'm wondering who the character death is. i'm hoping its not ella. don't kill the pr girl!
  • smallville needs to be renamed metropolis. the upcoming look into the 31st century, the introduction of the wonder twins, and the arrival of the jsa should help to boost my loving for the show.
i guess we'll see how this plays out over the coming months.

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