astonishing, marvel

marvel is relaunching the astonishing line as a reader friendly jump on point that is set in current marvel canon. that will work, right?

i do hope that part of their marketing plan is to advertise in new media places that aren't just where the current comic book reading target is if they want to be successful.

if marvel is able to reach new readers, the use of in continuity stories means that new readers can go from astonishing x-men or astonishing spidery/wolverine over to new mutants or spider-woman. this is a pretty decent idea from marvel since they build their current readership (if they aren't following x-men or spider-man) and gain new readers.

my issue with this astonishing line is that the costumes of the x-men do not match the rest of the x-men books. storm hasn't had a mohawk since 1985 and exposed breasts ever. emma looks as if she is from 1960. i do like scott's plan black outfit though; its very covert ops. i'm not going to mention wolverine's (lack of) costume...

seeing the use of marvel's bigger franchises, i'm sure an avengers astonishing book will come soon as well as a fantastic four one once the newly relaunched movie is announced. i've always been a fan of gaining comic book nerds. its a difficult task but, maybe this new initiative will work.

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