amazon fail

amazon had a glitch which marked down hardcover graphic novels & ombibuses, primarily marvel, to prices between $8 & $15 this morning.

of course, i jumped on this opportunity to pick up as many as i could including secret wars, the ultimates, invincible, daredevil, and the original x-men. the glitch was noticed by amazon possibly after highly priced graphic novels reached the bestselling books and the top 100 book sales were compromised almost entirely of marvel graphic novels.

i am hoping that the discount is honored though. i purchased almost $100 worth of products that are probably valued close to $400. i would definitely cancel my order if the pricing changes and have a small resentment towards amazon.

regardless, imagine all the comic book nerds who went on amazon and saw the top 100 list being composed entirely of marvel graphic novels. seeing as how the population of nerds is around .000815%, this means that the rest of humanity who are unaware of comic books were suddenly seeing the top 100 list full of comic books. marvel should probably thank amazon for the sweet promotion they offered, honor the promotional prices and kick up new reader marketing promotions. i would imagine that some new readers bought the sleek collected edition of the ultimates. i am all about new readers solely because i love having comic book conversations and geeking out.

as bleeding cool says, this is the day that comic books beat out twilight.

read more: collider and bleeding cool and more bleeding cool.

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