comics fighting cancer!

i received an e-mail about a new initiative, comics fighting cancer, to raise money for cancer through a comic book. since my dad is a two time cancer survivor, i thought it would be pretty fitting to write about their project. you can back the project and receive the comic book here.

check out the press release:

Comics Fighting Cancer is a new way to donate to fight cancer! All Profits will go towards The National Foundation for Cancer Research. What makes this project unique is the fact that our comic is completely donor funded. Every page of this comic was paid for by people wanting to create a change and find a cure for cancer. We hope you will join us in the fight against cancer.

How can you help?
You can help by buying our Comics Fighting Cancer products and spreading the word about this project. The number one thing is that we need people to get involved in this project. With more people talking about this project, we increase our chances of success.

Where can I purchase Comics Fighting Cancer products?
These products will be available in multiple retail outlets across the United States. These locations will be announced on our website. You may also purchase these products on our website and various outlets online.

Brief Summary Of RIP No.01 

Two years ago he lost everything that he had ever loved. The vampires took her from him and he wants her back. It is their unusual appetite and uncontrollable cravings that set them apart from the ones that they hunt, but to the humans, they look somewhat normal. He knows better. With the help of high tech friend Chet and the curiously flawless and sexy Anaya, RIP will not stop until he gets his wife back, along with all of the missing. However, after RIP finds out that local doctors and scientists have become a few of the many that were taken, he begins to fear for the purity of the entire human race. With the motivation and power to kill any vampire that stands in his way, and the knowledge of exactly how to do it, RIP becomes an unstoppable force that not even the many faces of immortality can match. 

More Information is available on our website

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