jl: cry for justice #7

i literally couldn't believe what happened during the course of the last issue of cry for justice.

here's a quick recap:
a.) lian is dead.
b.) star city was destroyed including 90,000 residents.
c.) green arrow killed prometheus.

oh and during the course of the series, freedom beast was killed & roy harper lost his arm.

that is quite alot of violence for seven issues. there are some interesting articles with reactions from the media as well as fans. overall, no one was impressed with this miniseries:

best shots extra (with a poll)
green arrow editor on the source (with covers for upcoming specials)
a review by ign
four color media monitor

personally, i cannot believe lian was killed despite everything else that was going on. green arrow's family was a mess before this miniseries and its only transformed into something worse. i really did want to see her join the green arrow team and be trained by red arrow.

i'm guessing there will be some ramifications on the marriage of black canary and green arrow as well as the relationship between chesire and roy. this could be why chesire joined the new titans team with deathstroke.

i'm kinda disappointed that prometheus is dead, too. he was a sweet villain and i remember his introduction back in the jla.

i am definitely interested in seeing how this plays out in the upcoming green arrow and red arrow specials.

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