a week late blackest night review

first, this post was going to be on easter and have a theme of resurrected superheroes in honor of the birth of jesus. i would have gone to hell? regardless, i was slightly obsessed with the ending which moved real fast. i do wish that the white lantern corps stayed around for a bit longer. i'm sure that they will due to the final page but, i do like all the heroes decked out in a corps costumers.

in terms of the returned heroes:

1. maxwell lord: this is a decent set up for the upcoming jli series. i wonder how it's going to play out with wonder woman.

2. professor zoom: i'm indifferent about this. i know the flash is now a key player in the dc universe so it makes sense. he already has all of the rogues who are way cooler.

3. hawk: he's pretty bad ass. it's pretty cool that him and dove are joining the birds of prey. he could always go crazy again? eh?

4. jade: she has always been my favorite and i was so sad that she had died. this is obvi going to cause complications with kyle.

5. captain boomerang: sorry, his son was way cooler.

6. firestorm: i didn't like new one anyway.

7. martian manhunter: ya know he wasn't going to stay dead forever.

8. aquaman: no one knew he died. he is now back with a hand. i can't wait til he gets an ongoing.

9. hawkman and hawkgirl: maybe this will clear up some continuity issues with them. kendra is gone and she was a pretty sweet character.

10. deadman: i think he is now called aliveman. clearly, his story will be about dying again and becoming deadman.

11. osiris: why? seriously, this has to do with dc's obsession with black adam.


1. tempest...he died, right?

2. elongated man and sue.

i really can't wait for brightest day to start!

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