best super heroines in comics

its "girl week' over at the comics alliance and the weekly crisis so i decided to create my own list of the BEST super heroines in comic books.

as always, stephanie brown in every incarnation is the best super heroine in my opinion. she is the only girl in current dc continuity to hold the title of robin. she gave birth at sixteen. her dad is a criminal. she dated tim drake. she died. she earned the trust of batman. talk about bad ass.

jean grey just can't die. with or without the phoenix force, she is a powerhouse. her return is inevitable. i'm guessing it wil be in second coming.

batwoman broke down all barriers by becoming the first super heroine to take over detective comics. her run in the title earned her winning positions on 2009 "best of" lists. oh yeah and she's the first lesbian in any of the main dc comics titles.

buffy lived(kinda) through a movie, seven seasons on television and a season in comic books. can't get any better than that. she has been an idol to teen girls and was one of the first super powered female driven shows marketed to teens.

barbara gordon started her career as batgirl and a bullet didn't even stop her. she practically controls the dc universe from her wheelchair and is an unstoppable aid to every superhero.

pixie has become a powerful x-men during the course of the past six years and graduated from new mutant to full fledged member. 

i think i am going to do worst super heroines tomorrow...

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